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The Basics

Census Response

Census Response


Updated Timeline

Census Phone Lines

Census Phone Numbers

School Card NEW FINAL aaa_Page_1

Top 3 Reasons to Participate in the Census

Census 5 Ws (1)

5 Questions about the Census

Updated Operations Timeline

Updated Operations Timeline and Description

Georgia Census Factsheet

Information about why the Census is Important in Georgia.

What does the Census Impact?

Census Impacts Afterschool

How Census 2020 will impact afterschool. 8.5" x 11" format.

census impacts healthcare new FINAL

How Census 2020 will impact health care. 8.5"x11" format.

census impacts education new FINAL

How Census 2020 will impact education. 8.5"x11" format.

Local Trusted Voices Posters

Theba Sirmans Poster

Vincent Gadson Poster

Sherri Hill Poster

Sarah Vaughn Poster

Reverend Thurmond Tillman Poster

Pauline Abidde Poster

Paula Kreissler Poster

Molly Lieberman Poster

Marianne Young Poster

Mahogany Bowers Poster

Lindsey Hixon Poster

Lisa Conner Poster

Laura Lee Bernstein Poster

Ilean Bady Poster

Kathy Rosado Poster

Geoff Hardy Poster

Ed Harbison Poster

Dr. Otis Johnson Poster

Dr. Kuanita Murphy Poster

Don Brockington Poster

Deidre Grim Poster

Charmaine Crabb Poster

Amanda Broyles Poster

Alvin Cooper Poster 1

Amna Farooqi Poster

With your help we can ensure everyone counts in Census 2020!